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Mike Paulus


Growing up on a blueberry farm in rural Washington, Mike remembers the transformational effect technology had on his ability to connect to the entire world from the family farmhouse. Today, the Co-Founder of Assurance is dedicated to helping the company use today's technology to democratize access to financial services in much the same way.

Mike brings to Assurance the technology and entrepreneurial principles born from his career building and investing in fintech companies. Before launching Assurance with Michael Rowell, he was the founding president of Addepar, where he patented technology that models and reports on more than $1.3 trillion in financial assets that the company handles. Then, as a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Michael focused on insuretech investments for the $7.5 billion venture capital leader.

With undergraduate and master's degrees from Stanford in Economics and Management Science and Engineering, the father of two sees the shift in the technology- and data-driven way companies can deliver financial wellness solutions to anyone, anywhere, as another industrial revolution, and he's motivated by Assurance's ability to lead the way.

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